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Optimize your mobile app marketing with these top 10 ASO monitoring tools that maximize app store visibility and drive downloads. Use the best ASO tools for your App Store Optimization keyword research, app store optimization, and competitor analysis to enhance visibility and improve organic discovery by potential users. Whether your goal is to improve your app’s ranking, obtain comprehensive analytics on mobile apps, or boost downloads, these ASO monitoring tools are essential for success.

1. Mobile Action – The Best App Store Optimization Tool for Keyword Research

When it comes to app store optimization, Mobile Action launching app services tools truly stands out. The company, founded in 2013, has built a reputation for providing a wide range of intelligence tools for every step in the app growth journey. But, in my opinion, their greatest strength lies in their keyword research.

Mobile Action offers a comprehensive set of features that allows you to optimize your app’s title, description, keywords, and other elements to improve its visibility in the app store and increase its chances of being discovered by potential users. With the help of the tool, you can improve your app’s visibility in the app store and increase its chances of being discovered by potential users.

In my experience, the keyword research tools provided by Mobile Action are simply unmatched. The keyword research tools provided by the platform are incredibly detailed and accurate, making it easy to identify new opportunities and make informed decisions about your app’s keyword strategy. The tool provides you with in-depth data on your app’s performance, including information on keywords, downloads, and revenue, which can be very useful for understanding your app’s visibility in the app store and identifying new opportunities for growth.

In addition to the above, Mobile Action also provides Ad Intelligence that offers 25M+ ad creatives made by world-class designers to help you create the best ads to attract more users. The data coverage also includes ad creatives from 17 ad networks, making it the most comprehensive ad library to find any creative from any app category in seconds.

In conclusion, Mobile Action is essential for any app marketer looking to improve their app’s visibility in the app store and drive more downloads. The platform offers a wide range of features, but for me, the keyword research tools are what truly set it apart.

2. Apptweak – Stay Ahead of the Game with In-App Event and Promotional Content Monitoring

Apptweak is a leading app store optimization tool that helps app marketers improve their app’s visibility and drive more downloads. In 2022, the company made a major update to its platform by becoming the first ASO tool to allow users to visualize and monitor in-app events or LiveOps (now known as “promotional content”) on the app stores. There are of course, the standard ASO features like being able to export app rankings data using Apptweak’s ASO tool, providing valuable insights into an app’s performance in the app stores.

With Apptweak’s ASO Timeline, users can now monitor in-app events (iOS 15) and LiveOps (Google Play) directly on the platform. This feature, which was released in February and June of 2022, is available for all Starter plan users. In the ASO Report, Apptweak indicates when an app (and its competitors) runs in-app events or promotional content. Users can then visualize the creatives, description, and further details of that in-app event or promotional content and use the Timeline to monitor how, when, and for how long their competitors are running these events.

This feature is a game-changer for app marketers looking to gain an edge over the competition and improve their app conversion rates. It provides unique insights into competitors’ in-app event and promotional content strategies, which can be incredibly valuable for developing and refining your ASO strategy.

3. Appradar – Uncover Your App’s Organic Visibility with the Search Visibility Score

Appradar is an app store optimization tool that helps app marketers improve their app’s visibility and drive more downloads. With their latest feature release, they have introduced the Organic Search Visibility Score, which helps app marketers understand the effects of their organic efforts and how they compare to their competitors.

The Organic Search Visibility Score is a great way to measure your app’s visibility through organic user acquisition compared to your competitors. It can also help you determine whether your app localization efforts have paid off and your ASO updates have succeeded. Additionally, the feature can help you understand the correlation between organic and paid user acquisition and which UA channel contributes; the most to your app growth.

4. Intelligence (formerly App Annie) – The Industry’s Most Expensive Mobile Insights and Analytics Platform, formerly App Annie, is a mobile insights and analytics platform that provides app marketers with the complete picture of the mobile landscape they need to acquire, retain and engage customers, prioritize their roadmap, enter new markets, and optimize ROI.

With Intelligence, app marketers can access a wealth of data and insights to help them accelerate their app download and revenue strategy, improve their app’s ratings and keep users coming back, see how app usage differs across 60+ countries, optimize their launch strategy and acquisition campaigns, and benchmark their mobile performance against competitors.

One of the key features of Intelligence is its App Store Optimization capabilities. App marketers can access keyword analysis, keyword ranking, organic keyword rank, competitor analysis, and keyword opportunities to help them optimize their app’s visibility in the app store. Additionally, they can access data on download and revenue estimates, top apps, top publishers, market size, worldwide estimates, and country breakdowns to better understand the mobile landscape.

Another key feature of Intelligence is its app usage estimates. App marketers can access data on active users, market penetration, duration of use, frequency of use, data usage, cross-app usage, retention, demographics, and user segmentation. They can also access data on mobile web usage estimates, including active users, usage penetration, duration of use, frequency of use, cross-app/web usage, and unique usage.

In addition to these features, Intelligence offers advertising estimates, including paid downloads, organic downloads, a creative gallery, top advertisers and publishers, ad network details, country breakdown, the share of voice, and ad platforms. It also provides SDK Insights, including installs and uninstalls events, integrated apps, downloads reached, and market share. The platform allows for data delivery via the web, restful API, platform data integrations, CSV export, and delivery frequency. also offers a feature called ConnectPlus, which allows app marketers to access comprehensive data on their own apps, including automated data sync and easy access, and administrative access controls.

Overall, Intelligence offers a wealth of data and insights for app marketers to help them better understand the mobile landscape, optimize their app’s visibility and performance, and make data-driven decisions to improve their ROI. Its former name App Annie is still widely used and its widely known in the industry.

5. Sensor Tower – Uncover Your App’s Organic Visibility with the Search Visibility Score

Sensor Tower’s ASO tools provide the insights and data you need to optimize your app’s visibility and drive more downloads. With Sensor Tower’s ASO software, you can:

  • Conduct comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Track your app’s keyword rankings and optimize your keywords
  • Get keyword download estimates and predictive rank
  • Analyze your app’s internationalization efforts
  • Create custom alerts and monitor your app’s performance over time
  • Access data through API and CSV exports
  • Receive priority email support and dedicated customer success support

One of the standout features of Sensor Tower’s ASO software is its ability to track your app’s performance over time. With the ability to create custom alerts, you can easily stay on top of any changes in your app’s rankings or downloads. Additionally, accessing data through API and CSV exports makes integrating Sensor Tower’s data into your own systems and analysis easy.

Overall, Sensor Tower’s ASO software is a powerful tool for app developers and marketers looking to improve their app’s visibility and drive more downloads. With a wide range of features and data, it offers valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your app’s optimization efforts.

6. Store Spy – Newcomer with Generous Competitor Analysis Tool

Store Spy is a comprehensive app intelligence tool that offers a range of features to help developers and mobile marketers optimize their apps and boost their growth. The platform offers a variety of data-driven insights, including app performance metrics, ad intelligence, and app store optimization tools.

One of the standout features of Store Spy is its app intelligence tool, which allows users to track the performance of their own apps and those of their competitors. The tool provides a wealth of data, including app metadata, ASO visual assets, ratings, downloads, and revenue. This information can be incredibly valuable for identifying areas where an app is performing well and areas where it might be struggling so that developers and marketers can make data-driven decisions about how to improve their apps.

Another key feature of Store Spy is its ad intelligence tool, which provides detailed information about how rival apps perform regarding user acquisition. This includes data on which platforms and ad creatives are most effective and information about the target audience for each app. This can help developers and marketers identify the best strategies for acquiring new users and provide valuable insights into the competitive landscape of the app store.

Store Spy’s app store optimization tool, currently in development, is set to be a powerful tool for boosting app rankings. It will allow users to track app rankings, get suggestions for the best keywords, and optimize their apps for success.

In addition, Store Spy has a market intelligence feature that allows users to keep track of store trends and follow changes in the app market to identify new opportunities.

Overall, Store Spy is a powerful tool that can be incredibly valuable for developers and mobile marketers looking to optimize their apps and boost their growth. The platform offers a wealth of data and insights that can help users make data-driven decisions about how to improve their apps, and its app store optimization tool will be a valuable addition to the platform.

One downside of Store Spy is that their App Store Optimization tool is not yet available, and it is not clear when it will be launched.

Another thing to note is that some of the features, such as ad intelligence and app store optimization, are in enterprise pricing plans, so it may not be suitable for small companies or individual developers.

However, if you are a developer or marketer looking for a comprehensive app intelligence tool, Store Spy is definitely worth considering.

7. AppFollow – Manage App Reviews

AppFollow is a mobile analytics tool that helps businesses of all sizes boost their app’s organic user acquisition. With AppFollow, you can track your app’s performance, review rankings, and monitor your competitors’ updates. This allows you to identify opportunities for organic growth and improve your app’s visibility in the App Store and Google Play.

One of the key features of AppFollow is its ability to receive user reviews and reply to them from various communication platforms like Slack, Zendesk, Helpshift, and Discord. This allows you to analyze user issues, assign them to the right teams, and increase user satisfaction and app rating.

AppFollow is also designed to help you identify and automatically translate keywords and sort and send reviews, feedback, or complaints to respective teams. This lets you track user engagement and improve your app’s performance.

Overall, AppFollow is a great option for teams working on improving their apps and support agents who are constantly in contact with users. By keeping your users engaged and satisfied, you can improve retention and maintain high positions in search results.

8. Appfigures – Comprehensive App Analytics, Download Benchmark Index & ASO Tools

Appfigures offers a range of tools to help app developers and marketers optimize their apps for more organic downloads. With over 200,000 companies worldwide using their platform, Appfigures is a trusted resource for app analytics, ASO, and app intelligence.

Appfigures uses AI to provide relevant keyword suggestions based on data collected from the App Store and Google Play every hour. Their proprietary performance algorithm helps you find the best keywords for your app.

Compare your app against any competitor side-by-side and find out how they are performing in search results. Uncover the keywords they are using in different countries and devices worldwide.

Get a detailed understanding of what it takes to rank well in a keyword by analyzing the current search results for any keyword across countries, stores, and devices. Appfigures provides accurate download estimates, ranks, ratings, and other metrics stores use to rank apps.

Track keyword rank trends for your app and your competitors across the App Store and Google Play with hourly rank updates. Stay informed with keyword rank change alerts sent directly to your inbox or Slack.

Discover where your app is ranked for different keywords automatically. With Appfigures, you can quickly find keywords where your app is already ranked and use them to build momentum.

Overall, Appfigures provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help app developers and marketers optimize their app’s performance and visibility in the app store. With a user-friendly interface, accurate data, and real-time updates, Appfigures is a valuable resource for app marketers and developers looking to improve their app’s organic downloads.

9. CheckASO – Alternative Indie ASO Software Tool

CheckASO is a mobile app optimization tool that offers a range of features for improving an app’s performance in the app stores. The tool includes a keyword research feature, allowing users to find relevant keywords for their app and monitor their app’s ranking. It also includes a competitor analysis feature, allowing users to track their competitors’ performance and find new keywords to improve their ASO.

One of the strengths of CheckASO is its easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. The tool also provides customized tips and suggestions on improving an app’s ASO performance, which can be useful for those starting with ASO.

However, some users have reported that the tool’s keyword research and competitor analysis features are less robust than other ASO tools. Additionally, the tool’s pricing structure may not be the most cost-effective option for some users.

CheckASO is a decent option for those looking for a basic ASO tool. Still, for those needing more advanced features, more suitable options may be available on the market.

10. ASODesk – Robust App Store Optimization Software

ASODesk is a comprehensive solution for app developers and marketers looking to improve their app’s visibility and organic downloads on the App Store and Google Play. It offers a range of tools such as automatic ASO reports, customer support automation, marketing and product management tools, data, and insights to help teams grow their app business.

With over 60,000 app and game developers already using ASODesk, it’s a trusted and reliable choice for those in the industry. The platform also offers free tools and resources, such as keyword research and competitor analysis, to help users optimize their ASO strategy. ASODesk offers a Keyword Boost feature, which helps apps become top-1 in App Store search results with every query. This feature allows users to build their own boards and access historical data through the platform’s interface. Overall, ASODesk is a great choice for those looking for a one-stop solution to improve their app’s performance and grow their business on the App Store and Google Play.

Final Thoughts On ASO Software

In conclusion, there are many great options for ASO software, each with its unique features and strengths. MobileAction stands out for its accurate keyword research data, Appradar for its polished and visual user interface, Sensortower for its comprehensive competitor analysis, and for its powerful tools. However, it is quite expensive and may not be within budget for most. It’s important to evaluate your specific needs and budget to determine which software will best fit your business.

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