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Launching a new mobile app is a significant event for any company, and ensuring the launch is properly announced to the public is important. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a press release.

A press release is a formal statement sent to media outlets announcing your app’s launch and providing information about its features and benefits. In this blog post, I will provide a template for writing a press release to help you generate buzz and attract users for your mobile app launch. I will walk you through the key elements that should be included in your press release and how to use it to generate media coverage and interest in your app.

App Launch Press Release Template

[Company Name] Launches Revolutionary New Mobile App [App Name]

[City, State] – [Company Name] is proud to announce the launch of its newest mobile application, [App Name]. Developed with the user in mind, [App Name] is a game-changer in the [industry/niche] space, offering a unique blend of features and functionality that sets it apart from the competition.

[App Name] is designed to [describe the main features and benefits of the app]. With [App Name], users can [list a few key features that users will be able to do with the app]. It’s easy to use interface and sleek design makes it stand out. The app is built on the latest technology stack and can be used on both android and ios devices.

[App Name] is unique in that it provides [describe what makes your app unique or innovative], something that is not currently available in other apps on the market. This makes [App Name] the perfect solution for [whoever your target audience is].

“We are incredibly excited to finally be launching [App Name],” said [Your Name], CEO of [Company Name]. “Our team has poured their hearts and souls into this project, and we truly believe that it will change the way people [what the app does]. We can’t wait for users to experience it for themselves.”

[App Name] is available now for download on the [iOS/Android] App Store and Google Play.

[Company Name] is a [describe your company, its mission, and what other products or services it offers].

How To Use The Press Release Template

The template provided in this blog post is designed to help you create a press release that is professional, informative, and effective. It includes all of the key elements that should be included in a press release, such as the name of your app, a brief description of its features and benefits, and a quote from the CEO of your company.

The template also includes a section that highlights what makes your app unique or innovative, which is an important aspect to consider when writing a press release. This helps set your app apart from others in the market and makes it more attractive to potential users.

In addition, the template also includes a section that provides information about your company, which helps to establish credibility and build trust with potential users. This can be particularly useful for startups or new companies that are not yet well-known in the industry.

Why You Should Create A Press Release For Your App

  • Media Coverage: Press releases are typically sent to journalists and media outlets, and if the information in your release is newsworthy, it may be picked up by a reporter and featured in an article or news segment. This can help increase the visibility of your app and reach a larger audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Press releases can also be a powerful tool for SEO. When your press release is picked up by media outlets, it will likely be posted on their websites, and this can help improve your app’s search engine rankings. The higher your app ranks in search engines, the more likely it is to be found by potential users.
  • Building Relationships: Submitting a press release can also help you build relationships with journalists and media outlets. By sending them a press release, you are providing them with valuable information that they can use in their own publications. This can help you establish a positive reputation and build relationships that can be beneficial in the long term.
  • Showcasing your app: A press release is a great way to showcase your app to the public, providing a detailed summary of its features, benefits, and target audience. This can help attract potential users who are interested in your app and its capabilities.
  • Keeping the public informed: A press release can also be used to keep your customers, investors, and other stakeholders informed about the latest developments and milestones of your company and app

Where To Share Your App’s Press Release

The cost of submitting a press release can vary depending on the service or platform you use. Here are a few options:

  • Free distribution services: Some websites, such as PRLog and, allow you to submit press releases for free. However, these free services typically only distribute your press release to a limited number of websites and media outlets.
  • Paid distribution services: Other websites, such as PRWeb and Business Wire, offer paid distribution services that will send your press release to a larger number of websites and media outlets. These services typically range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the package you choose.
  • Local media outlets: You can also reach out to local media outlets, such as newspapers and television stations, and submit your press release directly to them. This can be a cost-effective option, but it will likely only reach a smaller, local audience.

It’s important to note that while paying for a press release distribution service can increase the reach of your press release, it is not a guarantee that it will be picked up by media outlets or reach your target audience. It’s also worth considering if the investment is worth the potential return.

It’s also important to research the credibility of the press release distribution service you choose and the reach it has before submitting a press release, so that you can reach the right audience.

Final Thoughts On Your App’s Press Release

Submitting a press release is just one step in the process of promoting your app launch. In order for a press release to be effective, you need to take additional steps to ensure that it reaches the right audience and generates the desired results. Simply submitting a press release without any follow-up or promotion may yield little results, as few actual people read press releases. It’s important to follow up with journalists and media outlets, share your press release on your website and social media channels, and engage your audience through other promotional efforts.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your press release is well-written and contains information that is newsworthy and relevant to your target audience. A poorly written or uninteresting press release is unlikely to generate much attention.

Submitting a press release is an important step in promoting your app launch, but it should not be the only one. It should be followed by other promotional efforts, and the press release should be interesting and well-written to increase the chances of it being read and shared by the public.

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